Don't you worry now.

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Trinity Absinthe will be back before you know it, making quality organic spirits, and with very exciting news for you, our loyal cowboys and fairies!


To all our favorite absinthe slingers, you can continue on as you've always done. We've got you!




Amanda and Joe Pawelski


Our Spirits

Trinity Absinthe Superieure


2014 Silver ~ San Francisco World Spirits Competition

2014 Silver ~ The Fifty Best

2013 Gold ~ Denver International Spirits Competition

2012 Double Gold ~ Denver International Spirits Competition

2012 Silver ~ Craft Lager and Small Batch Festival


Trinity Absinthe is artisan distilled using traditional methods. What makes Trinity Absinthe genuine is its meticulously grown "Holy Trinity" of herbs: grande wormwood, anise, and fennel, hand selected with care to preserve the integrity of our Colorado terroir. Trinity Absinthe is often described as a more subtle, more feminine absinthe, and has been recognized by industry experts as an excellent absinthe for use in cocktails and food pairings because it is able to convey its presence without overpowering other flavors. Of course, many people prepare Trinity Absinthe with a traditional 4:1 ice-cold water drip. Trinity Absinthe is delicate, refreshing, and naturally sweet with hints of citrus and spice.


Trinity Absinthe is currently available in the following states: CO, DC, IL, MA, MD, VA.


Ready to try Trinity? Need to give the perfect gift? Interested in adding Trinity Absinthe to your craft spirits portfolio? Please refer to our Locations/Contact Info page for retail and distribution information.


63% Alc. by Vol. / Available in 375ml and 750ml / Loveland, Colorado