Don't you worry now.

Keep on kickin' those boots and flapping those wings.


Trinity Absinthe will be back before you know it, making quality organic spirits, and with very exciting news for you, our loyal cowboys and fairies!


To all our favorite absinthe slingers, you can continue on as you've always done. We've got you!




Amanda and Joe Pawelski



Trinity Absinthe Superieure is an organic farm-to-bottle award-winning absinthe distilled in Loveland, Colorado, and established in 2009 by Joe and Amanda Pawelski.


As firm supporters of renewable energies and environmental efforts, we source their high-quality ingredients from small, family-run, organic farms, many of which are just down the road.  In fact, we even grow, harvest, dry, and hand strip all wormwood ourselves. Perhaps that is why tasters find Trinity Absinthe to be refreshingly smooth with a delicate bouquet of subtle flavors.  


The Trinity Absinthe recipe is true to tradition, combining several historical formulas with our eco-conscious, local efforts, to bring you the best tastes possible. In doing so, we are able to ensure quality spirits, made in the timeless tradition of a truly and organically "green" fairy.


The Pawelski family also works with several talented artists and donates annually to local programs in support of the arts and education, thereby helping to cultivate and grow a culturally aware and responsible future for our world community.

The Craft and the Art

Wood Wall Background Drying - Landscape

Grande Wormwood

Behind the Scenes

Joe, the ultimate distilling geek, began perfecting his craft in 1999, a decade ahead of most. Intrigued by the legends, and always one to be different, he decided to start making absinthe. Joe holds a Masters of Engineering in Thermal Fluids, the key to his creative yet uniquely scientific approach to craft distilling.


Amanda holds and maintains a degreed background in art and literature. In 2003, spurred by a sudden flash of creativity, Amanda developed a full campaign for her own completely imaginary brand of craft spirit. Of course, her friends thought she was joking when she hinted she would turn that brand into a reality.


Never ones to back down from a challenge, Amanda and Joe, with support from their trinity of fairy-daughters, turned their combined expertise and enthusiasm into the creation of Trinity Absinthe Superieure.